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why chemistry matters!


Homework assignments:
Chemistry I
Day 1 - scientific method, accuracy vs. precision, significant figure rules HW - print out course description
and WS14 in Unit 1 - and do #1 all, #2 a-f, #3 a-i PRINT OUT UNIT 1 and 2 NOTES
Day 2 - sig fig qz (see Chem 1 page), lab safety notes and video, pick lab partners, density, HW - print out thickness of aluminum foil lab
Day 3 -thickness of aluminum foil lab (write up due Tue.), %error, density, sources of error etc. - use lab report format from the Chemistry I page
Day 4 - density, phase changes, classification of matter, chemical and physical changes and properties
Day 5- go over handouts, review states of matter, phase changes, chemical and physical changes and properties, finish video of foil lab
Day 6- reaction in a bag lab, HW page 5, will go over page 5, begin Unit 3 - the Atom, discuss iPad version of textbook
Day 7 - qz on Unit 1 and 2, continue Unit 3 Atomic stucture and the Mole - HW is the handout found on Chem 1 page - worksheet 3.1 under Unit 3 - do 1 - 8, discuss iPad version of textbook, library for Gaggle account creation
Day 8 - go over how to solve average atomic mass problems, how to do mass mole problems and mole molecule problems, Gaggle assignment due tomorrow - see my blog on Gaggle
Day 9 - review how to do Gaggle stuff, mole lba (beans) see Chemistry 1 labs at bottome of Chemistry 1 page
Day 10 - go over HW problems - more practice on moles - grams - molecules, quiz, aslo worked with ipad app - mahjong chem, learning to match up symbols with elements
Day 11 - Chapter one and two of Nova series - ipad - go over lab questions, finish handout passed out on monday, mole video, why do some names not match their symbols
Day 12 - practice quiz on atoms etc.- Mole lab today
Day 13 - quiz on moles/molecules etc. episode one of Hunting For Elements - mole video - talk about honors project, talk about bean lab
download notes for unit 4 and the first worksheet directly under those notes - see Chemistry 1 page Unit 4, first set of notes (Bohr)
Day 14- notes on light, wavelength, frequency etc, electromagnetic spectrum - qz on Tuesday on the math - see your textbook page 147 problems 65-68
Day 15- reviewed HW, notes on unit 4 - electron configurations- also important, watch the movie on electrons (not the intro one) under Unit 4
Day 16-unit 3 test
electron config practice, quiz on wavelength, frequency etc - find it on the Chemistry 1 page under unit 4
if you are absent you can print out the quiz
Day 17 -
Day 18 -
Day 19- continue unit 4, quantum numbers in honors class,
- also did the spectrum lab activity (write a paragraph describing what/why you did the lab)
Friday Sep 20- all students absent during last block should go to
and watch episode 304 - we will also be watching the 4th episode of Nova Elements and some current events on Science 360 - and start doing the other columns in the handout you received on Thursday - email me your topic for website
noble gas configurations, orbital notations, HOEL, electron dot structures
go over electron config HW, notes on electron dot diagrams/HOEL/valence electrons and noble gas configurations,qz on electron configurations and noble gas configurations,next episode of Nova Elements
Day 20 - quiz on electromagnetic radiation, reviewed HW
Day 21 - more review of how to do electron configurations etc - quiz tomorrow on electron config - see Chemistry 1 page under unit 4
Day 22 - review for test, more practice
Day 23 - unit 4 test
Day 24- notes on unit 5 - periodic properties - if you were absent see the notes on Chem 1 page under unit 5 - 2 sets, one on history of periodic table and one on peridoic properties, also did periodic table review worksheet
Day 25 - day two of Unit 5 - periodic properties, make sure you have the handouts printed out, notes on periodic properties, episode 10 of Nova elements, periodic table video from world of chemistry
Day 26- Very good review worksheets on periodic table and periodicity - did these in class as practice and first quiz, episoe 12 of Nova Elements, STEM survey
Day 27- check HW,quiz on per. table, more notes on trends, periodic table video, HW given, all HW and quizzes for the past two days (including today) can be found at
Day 28- SUB quiz (not posted as it is more of a test even though short) on unit 5 - begin unit 6 on bonding
Day 29 - notes on bonding, properties, how to do dot diagrams and lewis dot structures

Day 30 - ACT
Day 31 - SUB Mega workseeth (I was in Greensboro) that went over bonding and lewis dot structures
Day 32 -went over molecular shapes and the two handouts, how to use general AXE formulas to predict shapes, intermolecular forces,
Day 33 - model lab, will practice on dot structures, shapes, AXE formulas etc - use ipad to make vid
Day 34 - review of what was covered so far, went over take home qz - REVIEWED PRACTICE TEST that is posted on the Chemistry 1 page - VERY IMPORTANT IF YOU ARE ABSENT TODAY TO GO OVER THIS!!!! finished labs and also went over intermolecular forces
Day 35- bonding test
Day 36- notes on binary, ternary compounds - how to name and write formulas
Day 37 - added molecular compound naming etc
Day 38 - added acid/base naming, math problems on how to find percent composition and how to go backwards to the empirical formula and then molecular formula
Day 39 - went over HW on percent composition, did day 1 of Hydrate lab, went over first semester exam outline - it is posted on Chemistry 1 page near the top
Day 40 - Multiple Choice QUIZ on naming compounds, writing formulas and percent composition, day 2 of Hydrate lab, sample semester exam items, begin Unit 8 on balancing equations

Day 41 - flight 1023 empirical formula activity, also in 4th block polyatomic ion competition on ipads
Day 42 - begin review for semester exam (shortened periods due to PSAT) - can print off review at end of unit 7
Day 43 -
Day 44 -
Day 45 - review for exam, begin balancing equations and reaction types - see handouts and notes on unit 8 section on chemistry 1 page
Day 46 - 2nd block midterm exam

Day 47 - 4th block midterm exam

Day 48 - review for gas law test, using review problems from wikipage Chemistry 1, gas law test tomorrow

Day 49 - final exam review questions posted!!

Day 50- test on Unit 6 bonding with some questions from Unit 5, for Tuesday check out the notes for naming compounds in Unit 7 at the end of Unit 7 section, also start looking at the worksheets that have "namingcompounds" on them (Unit 7 on Chemistry 1 page)
Day 51 - discuss Argumentative task, notes and practice on naming ionic compounds and formulas
Day 52 - possible quiz on naming compounds, creating formulas, - notes on naming molecules
Day 53 - finshed handout with naming, notes on how to name hydrates and acids, learned how to find % composition - see handout highlighted in green in unit 7 on the chemistry 1 page
Day 54 - quiz on naming compounds, writing formulas and finding % composition, new concept for today is empirical and molecular formulas - how do you find them from the % composition
Day 55 - empirical formula qz, start the empirical formula of hydrate lab (see labs on Chemistry page at bottom)
Day 56 - finish hydrate lab, begin work on first semester review (see end of unit 7 on Chemistry I page), went over missing items for each person individually
Day 57 - started unit 9 - stoichiometry - with review of mole/gram math from first semester - see handouts on unit 9 on chemistry 1 page
Day 58 - worked on mole-mole calculations, see first of four pdf files on the bottom of unit 9
Day 59 - worked on mole-gram/gram-mole calculations, part 1 of mole ratio lab
Day 60 - quiz on mixed problems, part 2 of lab, started gram-gram calculations
Day 61 - finish gram-gram, % yield lab, also talk about % yield
Day 62 - unit 9 test review
Day 63 - Unit 9 test
Day 64 - begin unit 10 - gas laws - cover KMT, boyle's law and charles law
Day 65 -gas law problems from the handouts you were to download from wikisite - unit 10 gases titled gas law problems for homework etc quiz today was the following:Boyles Law # 10,16,19,20,21Charles Law # 43,44,46,51,53
we also did the Charles Law lab which you can find on the bottom of the chemistry 1 page on wikisite under the heading of Labs - print it out and bring with you we also did in class Gay Lussac # 56 and 57 and Combined Gas Law # 73 and 81
Day 66 - quiz on Gay Lussac's law and Combined gas law, go over how to do Dalton's law of partial pressures and Ideal gas law (all problems come from the handout on the chem 1 page), gas law video (world of chemistry) QUIZ questions are:
on Gay Lussac - # 60,61,62,63,64 Combined # 79,82,85,87,89
Day 67 - notes and practice problems on the Ideal Gas Law (see handout), Molar Mass of Butane Lab - see Labs on Chemistry 1 page
Day 68 - if you read this today - print out the notes/ problems for unit 12 - SOLUTIONS - the first file under the heading - very important!


AP Chemistry II
Monday August 24 - inorganic nomenclature review, started organic nomenclature review, start printing off notes, no HW
Tuesday August 25 - continue organic review, group qz on naming
Wednesday Aug. 26 - HW is to do the handout on naming complexes and inorganic
Tursday Aug. 27 - group qz on the above HW
Friday Aug. 28- stoichiometry review, AP test format
Mon Aug 31 - more stoichiometry review, print out Gravimetric Analysis of sulfate concentration lab and read (see AP Chem page)
- HW for week - Chp. 3 pages 123-130 #34a,36,38,40,42,44due Wed,52,56,64,66,70due Thur,76b,86,88,100,102due Fri
Tuesday Sep 1
Wednesday Sep.2 - day 2 of sulfate lab, calculate first unknown sulfate concentration
Thursday Sep 3 - day 1 of sulfate lab,
Friday Sep 4 - practice stoichiometry problems
Monday Sep 7 - Labor Day

Tuesday Sep 8- day 3 of sulfate lab, assigned stoich. problems
Wednesday Sep 9 - continue reactions, print out reaction prediction notes from reaction section, qz 1 on reactions
Thursday Sep 10 - qz 2 on reactions, review of assigning oxidation #'s, review of redox balancing, HW 64 and 66 a-c p. 184
Friday Sep 11 - review of polyatomic ions on Ipad, practice on redox balancing, take home qz on redox balancing
Monday Sep 14 - qz 3 on reactions, went over take home qz, started Molarity, you need to print out the Standard. of NaOH lab from the AP Chemistry page
Tuesday Sep 15 - reveiwed problems from book on basic molarity stuff, practice stoi. qz, set up for lab
Wednesday Sep 16 qz 4 on reactions, reviewed hw, made NaOH solution
Thursday Sep 17 - day 1 of standardization of NaOH solution lab with KHP
Friday Sep 18 - day 2 of lab
Monday Sep 24 - day 3 of NaOH lab, finish video, pick up take home qz, print out the spec 20 lab (Beers law lab)
Tuesday Sep 25 - another stoi qz, balancing qz - reaction prediction notes
Wednesday Sep 26 - began working on reaction sets, went over how to write reactants, set up spec 20 lab
Thursday Sep 27 - did spec 20 lab with ipad
Friday Sep 28 - went over the hw, assigned to predict products, finished spec 20 lab
Monday Oct 1- checked hw, stoi qz 2 - test on solution stoi. will be later in the week
Tuesday Oct 2 - reviewed gas laws, problem set, handed back quizzes
Wednesday Oct 3 - more gas review, set up Dumas lab
Thursday Oct 4- run Dumas lab, calculations
Friday Oct 5 - compare results, go over what to write up, more gas practice
Monday Oct 8 - gas qz 2, other stuff
Tuesday Oct 9 - gas qz 3, set up lab for R lab
Wed. Oct 10 - R lab
Thur. Oct 11
Friday Oct 12 - gas laws test
Monday Oct 15 - begin reviewing atomic structure, electron conf. and periodic properties
Tuesday Oct 16 - flight 1023 activity
Wednesday Oct 17 - short period because of PSAT - continue with review
Thursday Oct 18 -
Friday Oct 19 -
Monday Oct 22 - overview of bonding chapter, went over hw and collected it, checked take home test
Tuesday Oct 23 - bonding notes and practice problems

Interactive Periodic Table

Another Peridodic Table

Online Resources for Chemistry

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