On Thursday and Friday Feb. 17th and 18th I attended a workshop to learn how to use and implement the Nova5000 data logger - CMS has invested close to 1,000,000 $ to send Data loggers to various schools in the system - Providence HS is very fortunate to receive 3 carts each containing 15 complete Dataloggers with all the probes - one cart for Biology, one cart for Chemistry and one cart for Physics. Ms. Wise, Mr. Modine and I are very excited about this technology and will be implementing it as soon as it arrives (within the next week or so).

The uses for the technology are limited only by the imagination of the teacher - below you will find some information from the company website.
Key items are highlighted by me in yellow - unfortunately in talking with CMS it looks like the wireless linking with the internet will not be allowed but we hope to get that changed. The carts will have a printer on them so that students can print reports right away as they do them.

UPDATE on the NOVA dataloggers : the Chemistry and Physic sets came in on Monday March 7 - however, during set up it was discovered a vital part was missing on each so there will be a slight delay in the start date in using them until that part comes in!
LATEST UPDATE: - power cords are in! - I will be running an informal "workshop" on March 18 for any chemistry teacher
interested in playing around with them



Lab Files

This is the page where I will be posting new Chemistry experiments using the Nova data loggers as we create them!

The files generated by the data logger are .tmd files and some computers can't open those - to get a free .tmd file opener and at the same time be able to convert those files to .pdf files
go here:
Here is a sample of how part of my citric acid lab looks after converting to pdf file:

Basic Temperature experiment

Boyle's Law experiment
we ran this experiment in class, good numbers, worked well (you need syringes)

pH of common foods experiment

reaction of citric acid with sodium bicarbonate experiment (note that I tried this with acetic acid - it works, just not as
big of a temperature drop)

Mr. Niedenzu and Mr. Modine at the workshop!


Information from the Nova webiste:

Nova: Next Generation Student Learning Appliance

The Nova5000TM data logger is the ultimate learning solution for tomorrow's scientists:
  • A portable computerized science lab for data collection
  • Analyze collected data with MultiLab TM data analysis software
  • Extensive library of science workbooks and curriculum support
  • Perform hundreds of experiments with Fourier's over 65 sensors
  • Create lab reports and export them to compatible Word and Excel documents
  • Review experiments with multi-media video viewer and synchronize with live experiments
  • Powerful scientific graphing calculator and software
  • Connect to the Internet to access additional science resources

Nova5000 data logging technology makes the classroom a mobile, dynamic and collaborative learning environment for the entire curriculum. Nova5000 can be transformed into a portable, yet permanent science station, or a tool for field projects or home study. With a battery life of up to eight hours and instant On/Off the Nova solution provides a sophisticated learning station that is a constant companion to student learning anywhere.

Nova features that support science laboratory mobility include:
  • Touch screen – for live experiments, drawing, annotation or note taking ( but can also use keyboard and mouse that is supplied with the logger)
  • Science probe ports – up to eight probes can be used simultaneously
  • External VGA display port - Displays student work on large screen projectors, white boards from vendors such as Promethean, or plugging into a larger monitor at home
  • Built-in WiFi 802.11 b/g support for easy wireless networking
  • 3 x USB Host ports - Supports a wide range of devices in addition to keyboard, mouse and USB thumb drives. USB host and sync port for software installation or file transfer using Microsoft's ActiveSync.

Surf the Web with built-in WiFi
or Ethernet cable

Built-in 8 channel, 12-bit data
logger with Fourier's MultiLab
analysis software

Work with spreadsheets

For chemistry we will be getting the following bundles with each Nova Data logger (15 total sets)
(also from the Nova site)
DT1185A Colorimeter
DT035A Conductivity
DT293 Drop Counter
DT029 2 x Temperature -25 to 110 °C
DT009-4 Light (3 scale: 0 to 600, 0 to 6,000, 0 to 150,000 lux)
DT016A pH Adapter & Electrode
DT015-1 Absolute Air Pressure 0 to 700 kPa
DT015 Pressure 150 to 1,150 mB
DT025 Temperature Thermocouple 0 to 1,200 C Type K
DT222A Oxygen Adapter & Electrode
DT001 Voltage ±25 V
DT339 Webcam
BK030 Chemistry Experiment Book