Information about using the iPads in the chemistry classroom

and apps to download for use in class.

Some of the more usefull apps:

Chemistry textbook - Matter and Change (Glencoe): - this one does cost but it is much better than the regular textbook - if you can get past some of the critical mistakes that are in the text (ie no understanding of Hund's rule) - it is quite usefull

AP Chemistry Crash Course: a nice study aid for AP Chem, recommended

MahjongChem: a great tool to review and learn oxidation numbers, polyatomic ions, electrolytes, valence electrons, element
symbols, etc - I create teams of 2 or 3 and each team gets an iPad and they compete against each other to see who finishes
the tiles first

Science360: has some really cool videos and photos about current events - note that they update this often so keep coming back to it - highly recommended

Nova elements: David Pogue is hilarious and engaging in presenting us info on many of the elements on the periodic table -
best videos I have ever seen about elements

AtomsinMotion: this used to be free (there still is a free version but it is limited) wherein one can see the motion of gas atoms and the effect temperature and pressure has on the speed of their motion - great visualization of straight line random motion
and elastic collisions

APExamPrep: would recommend this for your AP students!!!

VideoScience: a ton of videos based on basic chemistry concepts - many are fairly basic but are short and to the point

iMovie: we make 2 to 3 minute videos of our labs (each lab group gets an ipad to use during their labs) wherein they explain what they are doing, show their data and calculations and state their conclusions along with any problems they encountered

Chemist (free or paid): good for showing what happens in reaction, mostly double replacement, a bit limited in scope and the free version only show a few reactions but not bad

Gaggle: we looked at this over the summer but have not really had the chance to use it until now - I have all my classes set up in Gaggle and now have them turn in assignments via Gaggle - I can open up their assignment while sitting at Starbucks with my iPad, grade it - can mark directly on their paper with my finger - and send it right back to them in the span of seconds with no paper being used

AppBundle : you get 270 different apps for 99 cents!!! many are basic but they even have a periodic table, so even if 200 of them are useless you still have around 70 apps you can make use of! Everything from calculators, translators, timers to heat index calculators